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About Us

Hello! Welcome to our humble shop Qasehdamia2u.com. Thank you very much for dropping by. If you are looking for variety of world perfumes branded & health and beauty product , you have come to the right place. Qasehdamia2u.com is your one stop shop for all your needed.

Our History

Established in 2009, Qasehdamia2u.com has more than 5 years experience in sourcing and selecting the best of fragrance & health and beauty product. Qasehdamia2u.com as founded by Shakirah A.Bakar who believed that it is time to bring international branded FRAGRANCE to Malaysia online shop. Qasehdamia2u.com also have a co-founder Norida Aziz which together built up this company to more establish. Over the years, Qasehdamia2u.com as grown to be one of the most loved PERFUME ONLINE BOUTIQUE in Malaysia. 

In our early days, we began our shop on Facebook with only small size such as vial & miniature . By offering low price to the Malaysian market, we begun to grow larger and larger.  

Realising the potential, on 2010, we took a big step by moving our business to an online store to bring a much better experience to our dear customers. Thus www.qasehdamia2u.com is born! Within the same year, we begun introducing our dropshipping programme & appoint agent help them to gain their side income.

Today, Qasehdamia2u.com offers more than 500 different brand perfumes whole over the world with more and more new fragrance introduced each month & health and beauty






Our Team


  • CEO & Founder 
  • eyrarizal8981@yahoo.com
  • 0162159417


Our Products

Every single product at Qasehdamia2u.com must meet our strict requirements of comfort, quality and affordability. When you purchase from Qasehdamia2u.com, you can be sure you will receive a high quality fashionable product that will keep you satisfied for a long time. 

Quality is our highest priority when it comes to selecting our products. Each dress is carefully screened to make sure there are no tears or any other defects before putting it up for sale. We make sure there are no discolouration, malformed shaped, overstretched fabric, tear and many more so that you will never be disappointed when it arrives to your doorstep.

Our Guarantees

Qasehdamia2u.com will adhere to the highest demands of the user experience, 100% customer satisfaction and 30 days return policy with no question asked. 

Qasehdamia2u.com provides an one-to-one exchange guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your purchases. Just return it to us and we will send a new one to you or convert your purchase into cash vouchers. You decide. 

Your satisfaction is our number one priority and we want you to know all your purchases are guaranteed to make you smile.

Thank you for visiting Qasehdamia2u.com. We wish you have an enjoyable time browsing and buying our products. You will not be disappointed. Happy Shopping!